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We Start with Why

We believe that our successes are measured not only by how much we achieve but why we achieve them.  We develop and own real estate the next generations will be proud of.  We invest in projects with you!

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For Investors

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Looking to lease a commercial space or a place to call home?  We have residential and commercial spaces available for lease!



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Buying and Selling

We are here 24/7 to assist you with your home or commercial property buying and selling needs from start to finish.  Talk with Josh and the team at CoreOhio Realty Advisors today.



twoXfive Condos

10 fully renovated, 2 bed, 1.5 bath condos with exposed brick walls and open concept layout.  15 year, 100 % residential tax abated.  Call 614-301-9430 for more information.

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Eisen 359 Condos

20 New Construction, 3 bed, 3-4 bath condos with heated garages, balconies, and rooftop patios.  15 year, 100 % residential tax abated.  Call 614-301-9430 for more information.

Featured Projects

Single Family and Multi Family Residential,
Commercial, Development, and Retail Concepts



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